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Picture Jasper Series

This collection of abstract landscapes is inspired by one of my favorite stones, picture jasper. Picture jasper is an opaque stone that comes in a variety of colors and it is characterized by the “landscape” like markings which often resemble mountains, trees, and rock formations. It can be found all over the world including the US with a few varieties common to Oregon. Those who follow the metaphysical, believe that picture jasper is a powerful grounding stone which links us to the earth. It is also thought to enhance creativity. It is easy to see why these beliefs are associated with this beautiful stone. When I look at these stones my creative energies are indeed sparked!

I wanted to create a collection that merged my love of abstract landscapes with my love of rustic and rough jewelry. Picture jasper was the perfect choice to inspire such a series. My paintings use modern watercolor techniques that highlight the interesting lines and shapes of the picture jasper. My jewelry blends the stones with elements of leather and copper in keeping with the rustic and earthy properties of the stones.

The collection of work below is exploratory in nature. Part of my own creative self-care practice involves taking time to play and explore various techniques, styles, and colors. Some of these paintings were part of a daily watercolor challenge I took on while I was quarantining with Covid earlier in the year. Some of them were simple stand alone painting sessions that allowed me to release my inner stress and embrace the process of creating in the moment. All of them reflect peaceful nature scenes that bring me a sense of calm.